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Online Educational Resources

CSD Online Educational Resources

In case you are looking for ways to extend your child's learning opportunities outside of the classroom, here is a list of online resources compiled by the staff of Chequamegon to foster learning wherever you are.

Read Alouds       Resources for reading and learning outside of school

TED talks to watch with kids       A selection of TED Talks suitable for younger students

TED Talks for Kids       A second list of TED Talks for younger students

Adventureacademy       Learning videos and games for children, ages 8-13

ABC Mouse       Learning activities for children, ages 2-8

Blippi (YouTube for Kids)       A selection of educational videos for kids

Math Practice       Online learning curriculum for students grades K-12

VeryWellFamily       A list of free educational websites for kids

10 Best Websites for Kids       Another list of educational websites for kids

25 Websites for Kids       List of additional educational websites for kids

Family Viewing Time       Child-friendly programs to watch during TV time

Adaptive Math       Math lessons for students grades 1-8

Ready4K       Educational development curriculum for 4K students, delivered by text message

Chequamegon List of Online Resources/Databases       List of online resources assembled by Chequamegon School District