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GCLC Behavior Expectations

As your child begins working in the Glidden Community Learning Center (GCLC), we would like for you to have an understanding of the expectations that our staff will have and the behavior plan that will be in place for your child.  These expectations were developed to help your child have a positive and successful experience with GCLC.

1.  COMPLETE ASSIGNMENT NOTEBOOK: Each middle school student is expected to show his or her updated assignment notebook/agenda book to the tutor. The assignment notebook should show all of the assignments the student needs to work on for the evening. Each elementary students should have his or her EAGLE binder.

2.  BE PREPARED: Each student is expected to bring homework and all resources needed, such as handouts, textbooks, paper, pens, pencils, calculators, etc.

3.  BE RESPECTFUL: Each students is expected to be respectful and kind to all staff, peers, and property.

4.  WORK QUIETLY AND EFFICIENTLY: During homework time, students should work quietly to complete their work and if they finish early, should provide the other students the same opportunity for a quiet work time. If homework is finished, reading and/or an enrichment activity will be provided.

1.  WARNING: If your child is not following the directions of a staff member, a verbal warning will be given to your child indicating they have a choice to follow directions.  

2.  RECOVERY: If your child continues to choose not to follow the directions of a staff member, the staff member will let your child know that he/she needs to go to “RECOVERY” where he/she will sit apart from the group until he/she can regain control. Sometimes a little break from the activity will help students regroup and regain focus.

3.  TRY IT AGAIN TOMORROW: If after a verbal warning and “RECOVERY” you child is still not following directions, your child will be asked to try again tomorrow. At this point, the student is not working on his or her own work and has become a distraction to others trying to work. Your child will be sent home if you can be reached to pick him/her up from school. If a parent cannot be reached, you child will be separated from the rest of the group until the program is over. By using the “TRY IT AGAIN TOMORROW” plan, we hope to create a calm and positive working environment for all students in the program, while ensuring your child that he/she can come back the next tutoring day and try again.

4.  TRY IT AGAIN IN A WEEK: The second time your child is sent home, he or she will be given a “TRY IT AGAIN IN A WEEK” and will have the opportunity to return the following week or when a total of three tutoring days have passed.

5.  LOSS OF AFTER SCHOOL PRIVILEGES: If your child has had two “TRY IT AGAINS IN A WEEKS” he or she will no longer have the privilege to attend the after school program.

​Our goal is to provide a supportive environment for all children. Please be assured that every effort will be made by our staff members to encourage positive choices by your child, and all staff members hope to work with you to create the best possible experience for your child at the Glidden Community Learning Center. Thank you for your support and the opportunity to work with your child during the school year.